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Sunday, April 12, 2009

What is Englic?

They say that over 80% of information in Internet are written in English. English is a common language in Internet world. But someone argue that a real common language is Englic, not English. They say Englic means English-like language or English-based language.

As you know, there are many different English all over the world. Australian speaks Australian English. Philippino speaks Philippino English. Indian speaks Indian English. Why isn't there Japanese English?

My Taiwan friend speaks English very
fluently. He can debate anything in English with native English speakers. But Taiwanese has no distinction between he and she, then he sometime call his wife he though he isn't a gay.

Yes, English is standard language in the world today. It’s true. But this doesn't mean that  American English is correct and others aren't correct. If you claim to Osaka people that Tokyo dialect is correct Japanese and  you have to speak Japanese with Tokyo accent, not Osaka accent, Osaka people will be mad.

English is the same. American people must accept there are verity English all over the world and American  English is main but one of them.

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