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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mt. Takao, lovey place in Tokyo

I went to Mt. Takao yesterday. Mt. Takao is located in the City of Hachioji in Tokyo, 599m high and very popular hiking area, more than 2.5 million visitors a year.

I left my home after breakfast. I put a water bottle, chocolates, towels and a camera in my backpack. I also had a map. I rode on a train to get Mt. Takao Station. I took just 15 minutes. And I got start the trail.

Mt. Takao has 7 trails, the 1st to 6th and Inariyama trail. You can choose
from 3 of them to get the top. The 1st trail is the most crowded because it is the
easiest. The 6th trail go along a narrow mountain stream. Inariyama
trail goes on the ridge.

This time, I went on the 6th trail.  That was very narrow and tough as this picture.

They say you take one and half hour to get the top, but I walked quicker than others. So I got there only one hour. I took a rest, drank some water and ate some pieces of chocolate. From the top, you can see beautiful scenery, especially Mt. Fuji is extremely lovely and breath-taking. If the sky is clear enough, you can also see the city center of Tokyo far away to the east.

I went on the 1st trail on my way home. This trail was wide and easy to walk as you can see in  this picture.
Mt. Takao is one of the most lovely places in Tokyo. You can see beautiful views, easy to get there and take a good exercise. I want to go there at least once a month this year.

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