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I am an IT technician, participate in many projects, some HTML work, and reading a lot. I also contribute articles to IT magazines about Open Source Software as a core member of Japan Apache Users Group. I've been in computer related fields from 1978. starting in college, nuclear physics major, I had to take a class in FORTRAN and that was it, I was hooked on the machines. I started working first as an application programmar at a system development
company. Then moved on to a system integration company, and specializing in data communication, small & mid size systems. I run a small intranet at home, a router, Windows Servers, Windows Desktops and CentOS Linux . The Linux runs DNS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and POP3 making it nice for software testing and development.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


How many friends do you have? Which do you think is better, having many friends or just a few very close ones?

Do you think your friends would stay with you if you were in trouble? You know people say, "A friend can't be known in prosperity." A lot of those, who say this claim that their conclusion is based on personal experience of losing a supposed friend when they were in a difficult situation.

If so, it seems friendship is more a matter of social convenience than character or shared interest. However, others can point to unexpected support during a serious crisis from someone whom they did not expect to be a good friend.

So I guess the question of friendship can cut both ways: in some cases it is mere lip service and in others it is genuine commitment.


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