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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

regular meals

Eating is supposed to be one of the most pleasant things in life. Sometimes we are not sure if we eat to live or live to eat. However, these days,many people are being deprived of regular meals.

Some folks claim they are too busy to take the time, or they skip a meal because they are dieting. The meal that is most often missed is breakfast, so the eater or fixer can stay in bed longer,even though health experts usually insist this is the most important meal of all.

In some cases, this phenomenon is because wives are working outside the home, in others because husbands do not insist on breakfast.

More convenient Western ideas about breakfast are becoming popular: eggs, toast, cereal, coffee.




Later in the day, lunches are also becoming more problematic, specially for workers. The variety and quality of food seem to be declining, even as the restaurants themselves become more crowded and expensive.

After work, it is usually an informal requirement to join co-workers in meal and drinking session, so a family meal at home is out of the question for a lot of male workers.

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