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I am an IT technician, participate in many projects, some HTML work, and reading a lot. I also contribute articles to IT magazines about Open Source Software as a core member of Japan Apache Users Group. I've been in computer related fields from 1978. starting in college, nuclear physics major, I had to take a class in FORTRAN and that was it, I was hooked on the machines. I started working first as an application programmar at a system development
company. Then moved on to a system integration company, and specializing in data communication, small & mid size systems. I run a small intranet at home, a router, Windows Servers, Windows Desktops and CentOS Linux . The Linux runs DNS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and POP3 making it nice for software testing and development.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kaiseki cuisine for dinner

I went to eat kaiseki  cuisine  for dinner with my wife. kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner.

Sakizuke : an appetizer similar to the French amuse-bouche.

Mukōzuke : a sliced dish of seasonal sashimi.

Takiawase : vegetables served with meat, fish or tofu; the ingredients are simmered separately.

Yakimono : flame-broiled food (esp. fish)

Gohan : a rice dish made with seasonal ingredients.
Tome-wan : a miso-based or vegetable soup served with rice.

Mizumono : a seasonal dessert; may be fruit, confection, ice cream, or cake.


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