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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Akihabara's new trend "Street Computing Gang"

Have you ever been to Akihabara? Akihabara is located in Tokyo City Center, and one of the most well-known area as a mecca for subculture in Japan or all over the world.

You can see many "Rojo PasoCon Zoku" or Street Computing Gangs there lately. In Japan, you can use Internet by wireless network anytime anywhere at a flat rate for  $50 or less.

As you know, young people really love Internet. I guess they in the below picture are chatting together over internet. They like talking over Internet better than face-to-face's. They must have a smart phone, but they like laptop better because they need full qwerty keyboard and wide screen.

Do you think what they are in the below picture doing? Akihabara is very crowded, and they couldn't find the room to use Internet, or couldn't wait for. They are really addicted Internet. They say Street Computing Gangs are increasing day by day.

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