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Sunday, February 22, 2009

What is K+R? American’s commuting way.

 There are few cities or metropolitan areas in US which have good public transportation systems especially subway or train. New York, Boston, San Francisco and Atlanta where I  have visited have. They have stations in outskirts of the city and have a big parking area, and they say it “Park and Ride”. That means commuters come to the station and park, and then ride trains.

Other case, there are many couples, husbands commute to the downtown and wives work at the area where they live in. In this case, the wife takes her husband to the station by car, he kiss her and ride a train to commute. They say that “Kiss and Ride” instead of “Park and Ride.” Of course kiss isn’t a must. They are good for public because no need parkat the stations and no traffic jam in the city center.

When I visited to Atlanta, I had a free time; I went to Martin Arthur Kings Jr. Historical Site, very famous national park. That area is a place where relatively lower income people live in. There is a station named Kings Memorial. I took a picture bellow because the notice was interesting. This say as you see “Kiss-Ride”. They said that only MARTA, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, use this word officially. They say that some stations notice for  just only “K+R”. Of course they have a parking for kiss-and-rider to easy to kiss-and-ride.

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